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Liquid glucose

 Liquid glucose is a transparent and viscous liquid obtained from high-quality corn starch through enzymatic hydrolysis, conversion, and refined extraction. It has mild sweetness, high viscosity, strong moisture absorption, high osmotic pressure, anti-crystallization, and low freezing point. Etc.

Appearance: light yellow liquid without peculiar smell

Liquid glucose is made of high-quality corn starch milk, which is purified by double enzymatic hydrolysis, decolorization, saccharification and ion exchange

Colorless, transparent, viscous syrup, clear color, good taste and good taste (about 55% of sucrose). It is a confectionery

One of the high-nutrient and low-calorie glycogen widely used in the food industry.

Liquid glucose is widely used in bakery, enzyme preparations, yeast, dairy products, meat products, condiments, pharmaceuticals and other industries

Packing: 300kg plastic drum, 24kg tinplate drum, 1100IBC, 75kg plastic drum

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