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Chinese name: Sodium thiosulfate

Chinese alias:; Sodium hyposulfite; Soda; Haibo

English name: Sodium thiosulfate

English alias: disodium,dioxido-oxo-sulfanylidene-λ<sup>6</sup>-sulfane;Sodium Thiosulphate;Sodium Subsulfite

CAS Number: 7772-98-7

Chemical formula: Na2S2O3

Mainly used as a fixer in the photographic industry. Secondly, it is used as a reducing agent for dichromate during tanning, a neutralizer for nitrogenous exhaust gas, a mordant, a bleaching agent for straw and wool, and a dechlorination agent for bleaching pulp. It is also used in the manufacture of tetraethyl lead, dye intermediates, etc. and silver extraction from ore.

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