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The Outlook of Chinese Caustic Soda Market in 2015
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 As a basic chemical raw materials, caustic soda is widely used, and the consumption of it is huge. The global capacity of caustic soda  is close to 80 million tons/year, and by 2015 it will be 90 million tons/year. China is the country in the world that caustic soda production capacity is the largest and with fastest growing speed. By 2015, the annual production capacity will reach 37 million tons/year, which accounts for more than 40% of global output. From the demand side, international market still has a certain space to grow. The consumption will be increased steadily in the countries that chlor-alkali industry is mature, such as  US, Japan, Western Europe and other regions. In some less developed areas, such as Jamaica and Brazil, imports would be a big growth; however, China's demand growth is expected to slow down. The capacity  in 2015 could reach 30 million tons, and excess production capacity will be 7 million tons. Therefore,  expanding the export is an important approach to balance the domestic market in China.
The total production capacity of caustic soda in China in 2014 reached 40 million tons.  In recent years, with the rapid development of economy and regional investment, caustic soda projects are growing rapidly, and new capacity increase significantly. Even though the downstream industry consumption remains a relatively stable growth, growth is obviously lag behind the growth of production capacity, which leads to the obvious contradiction between supply and demand.
China exports more than 2 million tons every year, which accounts for 7% ~ 8% of production capacity.  In 2015, chlor-alkali enterprises also need to pay more attention to international market,  alleviating the pressure of the domestic market by increasing exports.  
There is a prominent industry characteristics Caustic soda industry in China, namely the original and the final consumptions don't overlap. Therefore,  logistics transport conditions also plays a key role in the market price fluctuations. In recent years, with the rapid development of caustic soda industry in the western region, the proportion of domestic production increase year by year. However, the main consumption still rely on east China, south China and other regions. In addition, the companies in northern coastal areas also have a certain amount of liquid alkali to sell  to the south by means of shipping, and shipping date and weather factors also have certain influence to the arrival of the goods, which further will affect the market price. 

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